...through our expert consulting, resources, and network of service providers, we give businesses everything they need to succeed!


Accounting & Bookkeeping

Professional Business Services offers full service accounting and bookkeeping for the small to medium-sized business. We recognize that you should be focused on making money!

Financial Planning

There are numerous financing issues and approaches to securing funding for your business or enterprise and we at PBS can help you with each one.

Tax Preparation

There should be a strategy behind tax calculations. This means that we are not only your tax experts, but also that we are your trusted financial advisors who see tax as  part of your financial success.


Document Preparation

Nearly everyone needs to create a document at some point in time.    But correctly creating a completed “do-it-yourself” document can be a daunting task!

Human Resources

Hiring and managing workers is fraught with problems and rules.  PBS can help you cut through the red tape to get the working relationship you want for the least amount of trouble.


Outsourcing administrative tasks is a great way to free up time and if that time is used productively it will also save you money!



A business doesn’t get very far without selling something and Marketing is the means by which that happens.  PBS provides an array of marketing services to take your business to the next level!

Business Consulting

We analyze, research, and compose everything a business owner needs to begin the path toward opening a business and to succeed.


Technology drives efficiency and makes even the smallest business look and run like a giant.  However, technology can hold us back if not properly implemented or understood.

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